The way of maintenance

1、 the installation of various impurities in the piping shall be completely eliminated. To avoid the valve core, jam, plugging and leakage. At the same time there is no residue of building materials should be cleaning the surface to make it.

2、 when use any kind of faucet products do not use too much force when switch, only twisted or touch gently. Products for the outlet configuration screen cover should be removed flush after using for a period of time to remove impurities. Equipped with a hose products should pay attention to keep the hose often stretches the state of nature, so as not to break.

3、 aucet surface often should dip in with soft cloth (without impurities) gently with detergent to wipe. Avoid is used a wire, or with a hard particle of microfiber cloth, etc. In addition, must not clash with stiff objects so that the faucet surface bruised.

4、 shortly after the use of faucet sometimes happen to close completely, leakage, the handle is loose, loose connection mouth leakage phenomenon, such as general consumers can solve itself. In the closing of the steady rise of the spiral type rubber faucet is not complete, usually because of a hard stuff card into the sealing mouth cry only unload the handle (hand wheel), unscrew bonnet, valve core to remove the impurities can be packed according to the sample after normal use. Occur in ceramic valve core sealing water mouth shut down is not complete, could fragments bruises sealing surface or on the valve core and the pre-tightening force is not enough. If the former, can only be water mouth factory after-sales service department or professional maintenance repair. And then a problem only need to remove the handle (hand wheel) by the user after the valve core to a little tight.

5、 handle loose (hand wheel) generally speaking, there are two reasons: one is the assembly time for negligence not tighten handle (hand wheel) is good, only tighten the fastening screws. Second is to handle (hand wheel) material is bad, in the handle (hand wheel) connected to the valve core of premature oxidation, corrosion, which resulted in increased clearance, there is no remedy. So, try not to choose low grade or bad handle (hand wheel) products.

6、 in case of leaking faucet connection, usually is caused by not tighten place assembly time, need to tighten. Sometimes, a faucet on various aspects are relatively perfect, but there are closed after dripping constantly feel. If at this time to look at the time length of dripping, dripping constantly, and the number of water droplets. Longer dripping time sometimes may last 4 or 5 minutes, the total number of about ten drops. Drops out of the water is equivalent to water down more than the mouth mouths water faucet, belong to normal phenomenon.

As long as used properly, maintenance done right, the high class teaching quality and qualified faucet can keep for a long time, such as new.

Common problems

a.Water quality is poor, causing the valve core make rubbish.
b.Sealing ceramic valve core under use, due to the wear and tear of hard material and produce scratches, so can't seal, and leaks.
c.Water hose connection to the bibcock of ontology is leaking, the main reason that caused by improper installation.

2、 Wax can prevent the faucet electroplating parts rust.
As long as it is related to water appliances, bright silver part of the above are mostly done nickel chrome plating processing. The main purpose of electroplating is decorated and rust, but it doesn't mean there is no matter will never rust. Electrodeposited coating has a lot of naked eye cannot distinguish small hole (pinhole). If wet or corrosive gas run from here to come in, the material under the will rust and seep to the surface. Like some often touch to the faucet is very easy to rust, because the hand area of the oil will be in imperceptible in slowly through the whole faucet, which covered the holes, electrodeposited coating corrosion tap at the bottom of the material. Thus car wax to wipe the plating parts each month, electrodeposited coating can protect the tap.

3、 Thermostatic leading causes of hot and cold
a.Hot water consumption too little.
Mainly in the use of gas water heater users, and tend to occur in summer. Due to the summer hot water dosage of relatively less, water heater is easy to meet, meet after both stop firing. When hot water is insufficient, ignition again. So on ignition, remove from heat, ignition, cause, and hot water supply, resulting in hot and cold water. The solution: the fire and the water heater temperature is relatively lower.
The power shortage
Form a complete set of the water heater power is not enough, the required heat can not meet, solution: change the high-power heater junk clogging filter were choked up with rubbish, the lower water pressure. Solution: remove Angle valve of the filter.

4、 Shower and basin tap shower water, tap water at the same time
Due to the switch of shower water faucet, basin pool are controlled by hydraulic pressure, if the water pressure is too low (not reach the required pressure), will cause tap switch valve by jacking, standing up to seal, but did not completely be still water tap water pipe, so there will be more than imagination.
Solution: increase the water pressure, such as add booster pump to the pipeline.

5、 Why put his hand on "cold water" position will have the hot water come out?
User occurs mainly in the use of gas water heater, the main reason is that the water pressure on the high side, "hot water" tube out of the water while reducing, but still enough to open the water heater pressure valve, so that the water heater ignition, work, so put your hand in the "cold water" position will have hot water.